Monday 8 September 2014

Harvest Monday: September 8, 2014

I still have plenty going on in the garden although the weather is supposed to dip below average temperatures in the next week or so.

I've harvested all of the winter squash which turned out to be not quite the yield I was hoping for.  But the butternut squash seeds were 4 years old so I wasn't expecting much there.  I have some spaghetti squash to add to the few already harvested as well as acorn squash and just the one butternut.

I forgot a few acorn squash on another counter when I took the above picture so here are the rest.  One of them has a bit of scarring.  I've seen intentional scarring where you can write names and such on small pumpkins and they scar as the pumpkin grows - seems like a fun idea which I might try next year.

From the same garden, I pulled my one and only cantaloupe.  You wonder why I am so envious when I see other gardener's posting their bounty of melons each Monday at Daphne Dandelion's Harvest Monday?  As juicy and tasty as this was, check out the teeny size - yes, that is a regular sized lime beside it.

The crab apples are also not very big but since half of the tree has fallen to the ground I figured they are ready.  There is a similar amount still left on the ground and/or tree which I'll take care of over the next week or so.  These are very tart and, even with a lot of sugar, are not very tasty (as I discovered last year when I made crab apple jelly).  I will have the tree pruned before next season and have no plans to eat any this year.  In fact, this batch (about 15 pounds) was already dumped in the back for the deer.

Chocolate cherry tomatoes and some tomatillos. 

I pretty much have nothing but plum tomatoes left.  These will be packed in newspaper to help ripen the green ones.  The beans are Tarbais which are drying out before harvesting the beans inside.  And one more pepper (very few left on the plants).

I still have so much basil!!  The following pictures show the plants before I harvested, how much I harvested and the plants afterwards - still a lot left!


And I posted previously about my most recent potato harvest which involved several pounds of potatoes damaged by voles.  But I still ended up with about 15 pounds of fingerlings.

And the recent rainstorm bent over some of my African marigolds so I picked a handful.

Pop over to Daphne Dandelion's Harvest Monday to see the bounty from other gardener's this week!


  1. It's a shame the crab apples aren't good for eating. I can't say I've had one though.

  2. I have never really had a crab apple that I enjoyed - but other people make them sound so tasty. Maybe it is just the tree ... or maybe I just don't like crab apples!

  3. So lucky - that is a wack of basil. That's funny with the melon - looks like my Gold Nugget winter squash, the last of which wasn't even a single serving size (more like half a serving). And those African marigolds are gorgeous - I think I may try those next year.

  4. They are lovely marigolds - about 4-5 feet tall! I don't plan to order from Stokes again but these are their "Garland Orange African Tall" marigolds. I have enough seeds left to do another batch next year.

    1. Oh - three days too late! I haven't ordered from Stokes since that first garden many years ago but I actually just happened to be in St. Catherines on Friday so thought I would check out their store. Oh well - I'll have to keep an eye out when I place my orders in the Spring.

  5. That is a lot of basil. One of my patches is already dying due to downy mildew. For some reason the other patch is still going strong, but it shouldn't be long before it dies too. So sad.

    1. I know it is a lot. I usually do basil in pots so I can move them around to keep them in the shade. But this year they went straight into a garden and they exploded!!