Saturday 22 June 2013

Successes and Failures in the Greenhouse: Late June

Well, here are two obvious comparisons to start with.  On the left, a cucumber from one of these healthy Salad Bush Hybrid Cucumber plants.

And on the right in the main picture is that pathetic little sugar pumpkin that I thought I had successfully pollinated a week or so ago (Pumpkins and Melons post).  I have not yet given up on this pumpkin plant that I am attempting to grow in a container.  But maybe it was not a failed pollination that caused this to drop off?  If anyone is aware of other possible causes, please fill me in.  This happened last year at the farm in a regular garden as well so I don't think it's specific to container gardening.

Other successes:

I grew Okra for the first time last year, and although I managed to grow enough Okra to toss into the odd stew or casserole, I certainly never saw the plant flower.  So this is something special for me!

Potatoes flowers have mostly come and gone in the greenhouse, although they are just flowering in the yard. I have thought about digging into one of these containers for some baby potatoes but I'll wait another week or two.  In fact, I'm waiting for the green beans, which have not yet flowered so I can have a nice nicoise salad (baby potatoes, beans, tuna, yummy).

Isabel Pole Beans

 And the Taunus beets also seem to be doing well, at least for the beet greens.  And there is some evidence of beetroot as well.

And I have no worries with the tomatoes:

As for failures:

I'm not thrilled with the Swiss Chard I am trying to grow in pots; these were started from seed in late April and should be much larger than they are.  Perhaps their growth is stunted by a too small container.

And these beets and carrots were planted in the styrofoam containers in mid-April.  They are still growing and seem OK, but carrots and beets planted much later in larger containers are much further along, so I suspect these containers are just too small.

Overall, the greenhouse seems successful so far, and I look forward to continuing harvests!

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